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What Do We Do?

U-Dry Rental provides all the equipment you will need to dry your home and or commercial business. U-Dry Rental delivers a thoughtfully put together box full of the needed equipment when you experience water damage. We deliver it, you set it, you monitor it and dry your home quicker than the conventional drying company of the past!

U-Dry Rental process is patent pending, a leader in the industry and drying homes a simpler way across the state of Florida.

We Rent & Deliver to You all the Drying Equipment (Air Movers / Fans & Dehumidifiers)

Today’s drying equipment are designed to be set, turned on and they go to work. U-Dry Rental has cut all the cost of waiting around for employees to show up and cut costs out of the drying process. Whether you need to dry carpet, floors or more due to water leak or flood, our all-in-one rental equipment box will be delivered in an hour or so to your home or business in Palm Beach, Martin, or Broward County Florida.

Save Money Now with DIY (Do It Yourself)!

Flooded Home? We Can Help

We provide a convenient rental service for drying your home or business. Get started today by renting our U-Dry Rental Box, which includes all the equipment you’ll need to ensure your home or business is dried quickly!

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