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Begin Drying
  • Visit our web-store to get started
  • Pick the number of Box’s you would like to be delivered
  • Review and agree to the terms and conditions
  • Pay for your first pay of the rental
  • Delivery of your U-Dry Rental Box will arrive within an hour or so
  • Once your U-Dry Rental Box arrives you will be provide a code to the door and a “How to setup the equipment video”
  • If you are an extreme “Do It Yourself-er” you may find “how to videos” to remove baseboard, lower cabinets, carpet, flooring or any other building material not worth drying.
  • Once you are done with the U-Dry Rental Equipment. Simply pack it back into the Box and call us to come pick it up.
  • Once your U- Dry Rental Box is delivered back to us, we will send you a a paid invoice so that you can track your drying expense for insurance or any other reason!


* U-Dry Rental will charge each customer a $375.00 daily calendar date rate
* $375.00 will be charged if a pickup is not called in to our office before 12 noon of the requested pickup day.

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